International Conference of Psychology Students


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Data: 14 - 17 Mai 2020


The International Conference of Psychology Students has reached its 10th anniversary edition this year! It will take place between 14th and 17th of May in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Through the CISP/ICPS, we aim to build a solid foundation for encouraging the free sharing of knowledge and for launching debates regarding advances in psychological research, thus enhancing the professional and personal development of the participants. In keeping up with this goal, the Conference will blend in both scientific and social programmes, with an array of interactive sessions, lectures and social events. The activities held include interactive sessions, lectures, round tables and other opportunities for people interested in psychology and education sciences to interact. As we have reached an anniversary edition, we have prepared some sessions that will include the history of CISP.

The theme of the 10th edition is “Dive into Different Minds”. The topics approached during our scientific program will focus on mental health issues and disorders from the viewpoint of all the major branches and paradigms of psychology. One of our goals is to highlight the importance of education on the subject of disorders and raise awareness from an interdisciplinary standpoint.


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